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Creating an optimized shopping and financing flow with a cleaner and more modern design refresh


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Bowflex, a well-known fitness equipment company, approached LYONSCG for a website redesign. The goal was to create a more modern and user-friendly website that would increase conversions and sales. LYONSCG was able to achieve this goal by redesigning the landing pages and simplifying a complex financing application flow.

Information Architecture

One of the biggest challenges that LYONSCG faced during the Bowflex redesign was designing a complex financing application flow. In order to address this challenge, LYONSCG worked closely with Bowflex to create a custom financing application process that was both user-friendly and streamlined.
The new process allowed users to apply for financing directly on the website, eliminating the need for users to visit a third-party financing site, which made the entire experience more seamless and convenient. Rather than having to navigate to a separate site to apply for financing, users could simply complete the application right on the Bowflex website, which saved them time and hassle.
To ensure that the new application process was as simple and straightforward as possible, LYONSCG and Bowflex collaborated to create a series of clear and easy-to-follow steps that users could follow. Additionally, the amount of data that users were required to enter during the application process was minimized, further streamlining the process and making it more user-friendly.
These efforts paid off in a big way, resulting in a significant increase in financing applications and approvals. By simplifying the application process and making it more convenient for users, LYONSCG and Bowflex were able to remove a significant barrier to entry, which made it easier for users to apply for financing and purchase Bowflex products.

E-Commerce Experience

In order to provide more flexibility to our users, we updated the checkout flow to allow for split shipments. This new feature allows users to select different shipping methods for each product in an order, which makes it easier for them to receive their items in a way that suits them best. Furthermore, we have also redesigned the Billing step of checkout to allow for split payments. This feature will allow users to split the cost of their order between multiple payment methods, providing them with more control over their finances and making it easier for them to complete their purchase.

Split Shipments

Our new checkout flow was updated to allow for split shipments, which means that users can now send products to multiple locations with just one purchase. This feature is perfect for those who are buying gifts for multiple people or if different items need to be shipped to different locations. With the split shipment option, you can easily select which items to send where and the shipping fees will be calculated accordingly.


Split Payments

We created a seamless payment process for our users, which includes a unique payment step that allows for the splitting of payments between multiple credit cards. This feature is particularly useful for customers who do not have enough credit available on one card for the entire purchase, or for those who wish to spread the purchase across multiple cards to earn rewards points or take advantage of different benefits offered by each card. By offering this flexible payment option, we are able to provide a more personalized and convenient experience for our users, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Front-End Redesign

LYONSCG redesigned the Bowflex website to enhance the overall user experience. This redesign included a complete overhaul of the website's pages, with a specific focus on creating a more user-friendly interface. This was achieved by implementing a cleaner and more modern look, and optimizing the pages for faster load times and easier navigation. These changes were made with the user in mind, and have been successful in making the website more accessible and easier to use.

Landing Page Designs

Showing real-life success stories along with robust product content helps visitors connect with the brand and realize they too can have the same results. Success stories create a powerful message that resonates with its target audience and inspires them to take action.


Responsive Comparison Table

This page can help users find the perfect machine to fit their needs. By browsing through all of the model's features in one easy-to-read interface, users can easily compare and contrast different machines to find the one that's right for them.


Product Detail Page

The product detail page is the place where customers can go to learn all about the product they're interested in. By showcasing the features of the product, customers can learn about the specific details that make it unique. Stunning product visuals provide customers with a clear image of the product. Finally, success stories help customers understand how the product has worked for others, which can be a great way to build trust and encourage them to make a purchase.