Russell Sean Schofield

User Experience Architect & Designer


H E L L o

I am an Associate User Experience Director @Capgemini

i A m A n A S S O C I A T e U S E r E X P E R I E N C e D I R E C T O r A t C A P G E M I N i


Explore the unknown. Be unconventional, while keeping the goal in mind. Keep pushing until there’s no room to grow, then take a step back and see all the possibilities you’ve uncovered.


With yourself, your work and also within your approach. If something doesn’t contribute to the overall goal, adjust and be willing to move on. Simplify until you’ve arrived at an honest, balanced interpretation.


Share your point of view, experience, successes and failures. Offer advice when needed and listen more than not.

Really Simple Syndication

Semiotics, a branch in linguistics that studies signs, defines a sign as being composed of two elements – a signifier (the form which the sign takes) and a signified (the concept it represents)


About Me.

As a User Experience Architect, my main focus is on scoping, building & optimizing how information is organized & presented to users, while drawing upon user data & research to generate proposed Design solutions that enable relevant & engaging experiences for users. I graduated with a BFA in Digital Communications at The American Academy of Art, where I developed skills in the areas of Graphic Design, Branding/Identity, Information Design & Web Design.
I have been a part of the team at LYONSCG for over 10 years, with experience designing for a number of clients including GoPro, iRobot, Build-A-Bear, Meijer, Bowflex, KUIU, Samsonite and many more.
Outside of work I enjoy spending quality time with my Wife and four children, collecting/building Legos, reading Comics and always catching up on the latest Tech/Design news. (I also consider myself an amateur Ornithologist, having extensive knowledge of Birds).
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